Originally published on High Noon Pick ‘Em. Featured artwork courtesy of Blizzard.

Robotic monks may be hard to come by in our stagnant world, but our favorite peaceful omnic is present in most Overwatch League matches. At a pick rate of 82%, Zenyatta is the second most picked hero in the league. As a powerhouse bot with fantastic damage and healing outputs, this isn’t surprising. Zenyatta’s ultimate, Transcendence, also plays a key part in numerous teamfights. Nearly a quarter (24.78%) of all teamfights feature his ultimate move, and teams are 3.55% more likely to win these fights over non-Transcendence fights lacking the bot’s fateful tranquility.

Let’s peek at some quick stats for our favorite divine droid and get down to nitty gritty that is the good, the bad and the ugly.

Note: All player-specific stats are only considered if more than five hours have been played on Zenyatta.

The Good

Kariv is untouchable. With a remarkably low 5.48% of first deaths in a teamfight (Meaning he is picked off first only about 5% of the time in fights), it’s unsurprising that the Los Angeles Valiant’s teamfight win rate sits at a healthy 55.38% when a Kariv Zenyatta is on board.

The Valiant boast another healthy Zenyatta stat — they are 7.77% more likely to win a teamfight when a Transcendence is used. 

Jjonak is a murder with an unbelievable 0.94 K/D ratio and first blood in 8.86% of teamfights. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he is the highest rated Zenyatta league-wide.

The Bad

The Shanghai Dragons have played Zenyatta for just under 13 hours, a full four hours under the league average of 17 hours and 17 minutes. Stacking this lack of play against similar lacking stats for Tracer in last week’s analysis, it seems as though one of the Dragons’ biggest problems is that lack of strong players for meta-favored heroes.

While Rawkus gathers his ultimate faster than most, the Houston Outlaw’s overall damage output is lacking at an average of 9.60% of team kills. With a league average of of 10.88%, this puts him under most. Whether or not this a conscious decision by the Green Wall to focus more on healing and Transcendence is impossible to know, but this is definitely an area where they could practically improve.

Freefeel and chipshajen are the least deadly Zenyattas at K/Ds of 0.31 and 0.33 respectively. Freefeel kills the least heroes (2.27 average) and chipshajen dies the most (8.02 average, picked off first in a staggering 17.86% of teamfights).

The Ugly

The London Spitfire gain Transcendence faster than any other team at a breezy 89.22 seconds. Yet, they use it in teamfights less than any other team in the league (23.04% of fights). Combining this with the fact that London is 3.78% more likely to win teamfights when tranquility is popped and this becomes a devastating combination of statistics. If London can adjust the timing of their Transcendences, they could see a lot more fight victories. 

Florida is the only team in the league that is actually *less* likely to win a teamfight if Transcendence is used. An ultimate of any sort dropping their fight chances by almost one percent (0.77%) is significant and… strange.

The Valiant have the third slowest time to Transcendence at 102.18 seconds. This isn’t too ugly of a stat until you consider a previous measurement — the fact that they are almost 8% more likely to win teamfights when this valuable ultimate is used. If the Valiant can figure out a way to charge their Trans’ more quickly, it could be a game changer.